Saturday, April 14, 2007


Do u think that at one point God just scoops u up because u just fucked
up so much and He's let me straighten this out for you?

I didn't think so either.

But I'm just so sick and tired of my life being in shambles. Nothing is
going right. Nothing works properly. Not even my damn mp3 player, which
I've only had for at the most 2 months and it just sucks. I feel like
taking a hammer to it and bashing it to pieces.
I'm on edge today. Which is also not the best way to go to my customer
service job either. People don't make it any easier. Rather, dealing
with people don't make it easier.
I'm just ready for a different life. I'm ready for a fresh start....a
new wind.
I used to think I was so strong. Maybe not so much anymore. I don't know
how I feel or what I think about myself anymore. Just tired. I'm so
depressed about everything. Maybe I just don't deserve the good in life.
Maybe its just too much to fight for.

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