Friday, April 13, 2007

No white flag yet! Hmph!

I swear Afroman is haunting me. He's all I can think about. But I refuse
to give in. Not until 1 full week because I don't think he's learned his
lesson. If he had, wouldn't he be at my house with flowers already?
I still don't understand the concept of
A. Being depressed about finding a job before u start but u quit b4 ur
current job having another one
B. Having me pay for everything...but I'm not taking care of u.
C. Allowing me to take care of you without feeling guuilt or remorse
enough to want to get a job
D. Knowing I got robbed 2x before 7pm and not walking me home after our
E. Not wanting to walk on the outside of the street.....after I
explained it to u.
F. After 7 yrs of knowing each other and 4 months of being together, I
don't understand not wanting to take me home to meet ur family.

SO I'M NOT DONE BROODING YET....Even though, I do miss the knucklehead.
Oh well, I'm strong!

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