Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Mom has a problem with me going to coffee shops to work. I don't know why. It started last week. She asked me where I was going in the middle of the day. I told a coffee shop. "Why? What are you doing?" Me: "Working, looking for jobs, etc. They have free wifi, nice environment." Mom: "There's free wifi here." Me: "I get to get out of the house. I'm more productive." She made a face. Me: "What's the problem with going to coffee shops?"

She dropped it.
I was still pissed about our last conversation with the carpet. I was at a coffee shop looking for jobs yesterday, feeling a little bleak. She called me a few times. I figured I might as well answer.

I recognized her tone instantly. Its the tone she uses when she's trying to be cute.

Mom: Hello. How are you?
Me: I'm fine and you?
Mom: I'm fine. Where are you?
Me: At a coffee shop.
Mom: What are you doing there?
Me: The same thing I'd be doing at home.
Mom: I don't know what you do at home because I work all day.
Me: *hangs up the phone*
She calls back
Me: Yes?
Mom: Let that be the last time you hang up the phone on me
Me: Ok
Mom: Who do you think you are?
Me: *silence*
Mom: Hello?
Me: Yes
Mom: Who do you think you are?
Me: Tell me what you want to hear. What is the appropiate response to that question?
She hangs up the phone.

I was really fed up and tired. I'm tired every way a person can be tired. The more mature way to handle it would've required patience to don't get to beat up on me. You don't get to make me feel like shit all the time but I was really spent. I feel bad for the approach but not really. Her feelings need to be hurt a little...for once.

I always go back to "Honor thy father and thy mother." and then "Parents do not provoke thy children to anger lest they be discouraged."
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