Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Weekend Tales

Friday, BFF came over to help me take up the carpet in my living room. I think I've developed an allergy to it. She took up a square of the carpet and we looked at the floor underneath which is basically bare bones floorboard. This means, either I need a new carpet or I need to finish the floor. Both options eat into my travel budget. :/

Call mom. Tell her I need to take up the carpet because its bothering my allergies. She says...why would allergies just pop up. You're not taking up the carpet, end of discussion and she hung up on me. (Much more to this story but another time)

Friday night, Twin asked me and BFF to help him move. He said he didn't have a lot of stuff and that it would probably take one trip in a van. We would show up at 6 and be home by 10. We showed up at 5:30 and OMG! He had 10 tubs and at least 20 bags of clothes and shoes. He had 3 bookshelves of books, and thousands of dollars worth of magazines in bundles...it was 2 U-Hauls worth of stuff for 1 person! He lives on the 6th floor. The elevator in his old building only went to the 5th floor and we had to walk up a flight. The place he's moving to had 2 flights of stairs It took at least 2 hrs to load the stuff in the truck, 2 hrs to drive to his new apartment. The first trip, we had 6 people. The second trip, it was just me, Twin and BFF. At the end of it all, BFF ended up paying for the U-Haul because Twin's card declined. Yikes! I ended up getting home at 10am. Showered and got my stuff together for my makeup class which was great! What was even better was...I got to meet Jaded in the flesh!

She's so cute and little and I just wanna hug her! :)
We ate at some random but pretty burger joint in the city. I ordered eggs (who orders eggs at a burger spot?) because as soon as I got home, head was going to hit the pillow and I didn't want to be digesting.

Jaded was with another blogger whom I don't think liked me very much. *kanye shrug*

Anyways, Jaded is amazing and I could totally be her friend in real life and such. So, win!

Sunday, I woke up stiff and melancholy. My arms, knees and ankles were sore. My heels were stiff. I couldn't understand why I was so sad. (Then, I got my period and it all made sense)

I decided to go and do something. I got up and took myself to Checkers and to see Love and Other Drugs. Great movie! I got to see a lot of Anne Hathaway's breasts which was umm...surprising and umm...nice? Lol, I'm so silly with nudity. That movie was really like..Ok, I get it. Jake Gyllenhal is hot. He really is..his blue eyes are like...wow. The movie picked me up a bit and then crashed me down because by the time I got home, I was like...I want to be in love!

Friday afternoon, that's what I told BFF...I said.."My big secret is that I want to be in that all-encompassing, swallow-you-whole, Jonah and the Whale, can't breathe without you, you are so perfect love." She just looked at me. (People's reactions are lame)

I got home and looked at Afroman's Facebook. He has tons of pictures of his son. The son he has with the woman he left me for...who is so adorable. I looked at his Twitter and then searched through my old email for g-chats with him. I found one where I told him I wanted to start my own business and I lost it. I started sobbing like a maniac to the point where at times I was hyperventilating. I don't understand how he doesn't love me anymore or how he does love me and doesn't even care about how I'm doing. He and his family will be here in Brooklyn for Christmas and I won't see him. Our last communication was the end of December last year...*le sigh*

I looked at pictures of him and was like...he's not even that cute! Why am I trippin?

I spent 6 years with this person, 2 of them in a pseudo-relationship with. I loved him. I told him everything. He chose someone else over me twice. He cut me deep.

Enough of that.
Its a new week. Another week of me figuring out how to be a productive human being.
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★Starrla Monae☆ said...

Ooooh goodness, I had my own Afroman....I so understand the wave of emotions...he's not THAT cute either but the heart always feels differently. *pulls plug on it* I hope all is well missy!