Sunday, October 16, 2011

Indian Giver

Louis is driving me crazy! Older dogs are so stubborn. Shih tzus are willful. Older shih tzus are willful and stubborn. He has been having potty issues. Before I left for Houston, he would pee on the wee wee pad or just wait to go outside. All week, he has been leaving multiple puddles around the house which I have cleaned right away.

Friday, I'd had enough.

I mopped the floors with bleach and put him in the carrier to sleep. He was fine. Saturday, I walked him when I woke up. Let him play. Before I left, he peed on the floor. I mopped again, put him in his carrier and went to work.

When I got home, Louis met me at the front door after breaking out of his carrier and leaving 4 puddles and some poo on my floor. I WAS LIVID!

I put him back in the carrier where he whined all night. I made the decision then...this is not for me. I still miss Rocky. I call Louis, Rocky's name all the time and compare him to Rocky. I'm just not ready nor do I have the patience for a dog right now.

Once Louis is trained for real, he would be a great pet. He's loving and friendly but not for me right now.If anyone wants a dog and you live in NYC, let me know.

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