Saturday, October 29, 2011

budget living

the past two weeks, i have given myself a pretty strict budget.
my bills are out of control. i don't really know what i'm spending money on...i'm a mess.
this week, i'm a bit more structured. all of my money is in envelopes marked what it is for. no dipping in other envelopes and i see clearly where my money is...

i got the bright idea thursday night that for my birthday...feb 4th....i want to spend 2 nights in my fave hotel. my bday is on a saturday. friday, i would check in to wake up on BDAY to some champagne, roses and room service; spend the day at the hotel spa and have a fabulous dinner that night. i would check out on sunday.

my fave hotel is the gansevoort.
so, i did some research.

umm...they want $319 per night. O.o

so, i did some more research.
of course, i live in nyc. a nice hotel in a posh neighborhood where the room is bigger than a utility closet will AT MINIMUM cost me $174 per night. hotel spas are a rip off...i'm talking $400 for a damn 60-minute massage. for $400, i want tyson beckford to be my masseuse licking chocolate off my back. OK!

i did sign up for spa week and i'm looking at some deals.
i'm also on
thank goodness time is on my side!

every year, my birthday has sucked! the best year was probably launch party. when i told twin today my bday plans..he was, who is going to be with you? i one. i want to wake up alone on my birthday, reflect on my year, relax at the spa by myself...the dinner will be planned in advance and whoever shows up, shows up. no reservations. no tracking people down. i'm done. if i end up eating alone, i'm good with that too. if i want my birthday to be great, its up to me! he was going back to the hotel alone? i would rather not...but honestly, i have had no appetite for having sex with anyone. don't get me wrong..i love sex. having sex is fun. but there is no one i would want to have sex with right now. hopefully, i'll have a birthday boo but for now...i am good.

crazy coworker 1 aka shy got fired on thursday. so, i will be picking up extra hours...i will work every friday (if i can) until they replace her which will be at least a good month or two AND the holidays are here so that means overtime as well! according to my calculations, if i can save $60 every week, i will be able to afford a decent hotel with the roses/champagne/spa day and dinner. if i work it enough, maybe an outfit or some new shoes. if i do at least 6 extra hours a week, i can save up some extra $$ for some extra perks. my budget is TIGHT so i need to make some magic happen.

also, i have to think about what i'm getting some folks for christmas. literally 5 people are getting gifts: my mom, twin, my godbaby, my dance leader and whoever impresses me from now until then. each gift will be under $50 and unique. my godbaby will probably get some diapers and formula or a savings bond or something.

i hate my job but a girl's gotta make it do what it do.

also...this weekend, i'm re-doing my resume. there's an internet cafe across from my job. everyday, i plan on spending $2/10 minutes sending out resumes on my lunch break. (it is not an effing game!)

if you guys have the hook-up for some nice hotels in nyc, let a sista know! please and thank you.


Sade said...

Hey Nina!

I hope your birthday is a success! I thought it was just me who thought my birthdays have always sucked. My best friends ruined my birthday this year-but thats a whole blog entry. Sheesh.

I think you have the right idea by planning ahead for what YOU want. Thats the key. Also, don't let anyone take away from your day. No drama queens, plan changes, or upstagers.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Those are wonderful plans! I'm glad you are being proactive about making you birthday a success. I love to treat myself in the same way.

Girl I can relate about budgeting. I'm starting school soon so I must get this living on a real budget thang together. lol