Sunday, October 16, 2011

Oh Houston!

(written last weekend, lol)

This weekend was the BIG weekend in H-town. It was seriously by the grace of God that I made it. Everything was going so!

I woke up Wednesday morning and my phone was turned off for non-payment...simply because I forgot to pay the bill. I was trying to be on top of everything so my money would be right but BOOM! I cashed in on some funds Twin owed me and it was able to hold me down til that good old direct deposit hit Friday morning. But...sidenote: Whyy is food so damn expensive in the airport?

Anyway, my friend who gave me Louis was going to keep him for was just a matter of getting Louis to her. It would've been an 75min trip for me when I needed to still pack and get it together Wednesday night AND be up by 5:30 am for work. So, I asked Nell (the girl living with my mom) to take Louis to my friend XP's house at 12 on Thursday. I take him to her before work and she tells me she's going to try and take Louis to XP's house at 6am! WHO THE HELL switches plans last minute like that? She had the nerve to get mad that no one was answering their phone. That girl crayyy.

I took the train to JFK which only took about an hour and left me plenty of time to relax before boarding.

I texted the appropriate people before boarding ...y'know..the "in case I die a fiery's the flight number so you know it was me" text. One of those people happened to be Aussie.

Me: Hey, I'm at the airport.
A: Oh have your trip
Me: Yep


Well, pardon me for expecting a "Have a safe flight" or something like that.

I can truly say...that was the moment I wrote him off in my head. Call me mean or whatever...that's the least he could've said.

Flight was great. I was worried about the 2 girls which were talking the WHOLE time but the XM radio handled that. Got my extremely heavy bag and hopped into Trish's vehicle.


You know how you meet people that you k ow from the internet and they are nothing like their online persona. They seem cool online but really they're a douche and not funny and you wonder WHO THE HELL were you corresponding with the whole time...

Well, Trish is not like that. She is cute, funny, smart, genuine, kind and cool as hell. Add super in front of all those adjectives please.

Anyways, Day One...I had BIG plans which were scrapped in lieu of sleep and Dougie'ing with Baby (Trish's dog) whose real name is not actually Baby...(who knew? LOL)

We later ate at ChaCho's which gave me a burrito the size of my head that I ate all of and was so damn good!!!

(to be continued)

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