Monday, October 24, 2011

rolling hills.

WARNING: Extra long post ahead.

louis has officially left the building.

friday, i gave him away to a nice lady from south carolina who lives in the bronx.

she was nice until she kept me waiting an hour and did a whole diva routine before she took him.

i hate late people.

sooooo...thursday night, i give louis a bath and i notice he had fleas! i researched because at first, i was is this?! google search later, soap and water should have killed them right?

as i was waiting for the lady, i noticed he still had some fleas.

i called my friend that watched him for me while i went to houston. pre-houston, louis had no fleas. after houston...fleas. it was like making a call to let someone know they gave you an std. lol....

at work, i am itching like a maniac. i itch everyday at work because its dirty. we have dust mites in the stockroom. this itching turned into bug bites all over my ankles.

sunday, i have bites on my arms and stomach.

that didn't come from dustmites!

i looked up the bites and realize they are flea bites!!
and i have to go through a whole fumigation process. how embarrassing is this!

i guess the fleas were like..the dog is gone, we need blood bitch!

i'm super-itchy and i am now in the process of washing my linens and things - apparently, the dog liked my bed...and i have to get my carpet steamed...and so much drama! i never had to deal with this before...*sigh*

its weird not being on dog-time. wake up knowing i have to take him out by 8am or he's going to pee on something or making sure i'm home by 9pm because i know he's going to pee on something and then coming home and realizing he has already peed on something.
besides that, he taught me that i really miss my rocky. i still call louis rocky in my head. i miss the companionship. i'm sure next year, i'll get a dog but for now...i can't handle it.

other than that...
aussie is out of the picture.
i'm about to delete him off of fb. every status he posts is about how much money he has. one particular one that pissed me off was, "you can call me anything but broke." - dude, you didn't even have money to buy chinese and bring it over my house. don't try and play like you're something you're not.

and that's how (some) men are...they flaunt what they don't have and then get mad when women go after that. how would i feel if every pic of me on every social media site shows off my body and i get approached by men who want what they see and i get mad? you can't advertise what you're not willing to give.

speaking of DARE the nigerian friend request me on fb? he's like...kenny from south park. each episode they kill him but he reappears in the next episode. i blocked his ass.

AND...Mr. DK had the nerve to text me on saturday on some..."Hey, how are you?" - like he wasn't missing for over a month. I was like..."Oh, I didn't think I'd see this name in my text box. Where have you been?" blah blah..the usual. Then he says he wants to see me this weekend. Sorry boo, I'm busy.

funny enough..he hasn't messaged me back. thought you were gonna just come back and i'm gonna jump at the chance to see you. I don't need a free meal THAT bad.

other than that...i'm under a lot of pressure at work, at church...being a leader is WORK WORK WORK. the pressure at work is about to be null and void soon. i'm looking for another job and expect to find one within a month or so. once that happens, i also expect this job to offer me more money. at that time, i can decide whether or not i want to stay or go. the best part about my job is the 45 minute door to door commute. everything else...can go.

i also don't want to do makeup anymore. *gasp*
i've been feeling this way for a while. makeup is a passion that i'm glad to have explored but i think it is only part of my destiny not the whole picture.

there are so many things i need to do, i just don't have the energy or the drive. like, this flea business makes me want to bleach down my entire house but i just can't...after work, i'm tired. before work, i'm tired. i'm off fridays where i try and catch up on sleep. feel tired the whole day, run errands. go to work and dance on saturday. go to church on sunday and try and recharge my batteries for the week.i feel like i'm constantly on E. if i call out, i don't get paid and i am barely making it on a full check..much more trying to make it missing days and trying to make up hours is just not in the equation. i'm already tired!! what am i to do?

i'm so frustrated because I DO SO MUCH and i GET PAID SO LITTLE. I need some damn money! like essential life shit goes to the wayside sometimes because the money just isn't there. ahhhhh!


★Starrla Monae☆ said...

Wooo-Saah!!! I guess this is the season for fools to try their luck again in regards to the ones that are popping back up into your life. I hope you are blessed SOON with a job to your liking that will help you live comfortably.

Monique said...

Its a changing season hun. I was just reading a blog where a girl was talking about this is her "make a way" season. Make a way babe and cut the dead weight off.