Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Today was my last day of work and it was......uneventful. I got lots of hugs and gave out my number to lots of people I hope will NEVER use it. There were many many questions of...."where are you going" and "can I come too?"
Sidenote: How do I forget my password to blogger when its the same password I have for every account? then I change it and forget that password too?
A mess! (LOL)
Anyway...I have learned a lot from this job. I'm more than a little nervouse to go from trainer to trainee but tfor $4 more per hour, I think I can handle it.
I created a Vision Board in 10 minutes using Picasa. Its basically a photo collage of things that I wan it in the new year. I may do one for each month to keep me focused on what I can accomplish...I'm not sure if I said this in the last post but this year, I want to be "on it." I want each month to push me further toward my goals. i need to be focused and accomplish something! I'm the type of person that needs a plan - the big picture. I sometimes get overwhelmed by the big picture so I need to break it down into smaller less-overwhelming bites.

This is my vision board for 2012. (From top left to righ)
I want to experience God in a new way. I know this will take more effort from me because God meets you where you are. This picture also represents peace and serenity.
I need to save more money.
Speaking of money, I want to have more of a strategy behind my actions. I want to plan, follow the steps and go through with the plan so it will work
Next...Of course, I want love. I need love...I can't remember the last time I was kissed...i'm sure it was Aussie back in....september?? too long!!!
I want to redecorate my apartment.
I need balance. I find myself going off the deep end with most things and losing myself in work, in church, in whatever...if I could just keep my head.
TRAVEL! Give me a night flight....beautiful!
I want to go back to school this year.
I also want to upgrade my style and get serious about my fitness.
I want to drink less soda and do better with my dance at church
And I want to be driving a car by this time next year...it is 12 degrees tonight and I was on the bus. NO BUENO.
What are your new year plans (not resolutions). Do you have a vision board?


Sunshine said...

Your vision board is wonderful. A helpful hint is to make an actual plan and set goals to go with it. For example, how much money do you want to save? Are you ptting it into an emergency fund or does it go towards redecorating your apartment and traveling? I hope this helps. :-)

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

I created a vision board last year but I think mine was more materialistic than anything. I will create a new one with more tangible goals. Congrats on the new job!! And I love how you want the New Year to be juicy. I keep saying Joo-say!! Lol

Monique said...

Good vision board. Now let's see them to come pass.