Monday, January 23, 2012

Someone Like You

I went on a movie date last night with Trini. The plan was for me to get off work at 7 and meet him at the theatre at 7:30. When I got there, he was running, it ass me and the ((female)  ticket-taker making small talk. He had me waiting for like 20 minutes. When he came up...we hugged and he apologized for being late.
TT: (to me)  Ohhhh, you were waiting on him?
Me: Mmmmhmmmm
Trini: Ya'll were talking about me?
Me: Of course not.
TT: I can't believe you kept her waiting!
Trini: See, what had happened was....I was here earlier an essence, I was waiting on her.
TT: I don't think I should let you in. You don't deserve her company....making her wait like that.
Me: She has a point there
Trini: You're supposed to be on my side!
Me:  *shrugs*
Trini: You want me to leave?
Me: No....
TT: We'll let you slide this time. Make sure it doesn't happen again..
(Did I mention....I don't know this woman from Adam.)
We get our seats. He goes down to the concession stand. He comes back up and says to me...
Trini: Ummmm.....that lady might give you a funny look when we leave.
Me: Why?
Trini: I told her you kicked me out the theatre with no coat ir hat or anything because I was late. I said, "I told her it wouldn't happen again but she wouldn't listen." So, I'm hoping this soda and popcorn will help my case.
I laughed so loud!  Who does that?
Haywire was a good movie. I'm going to look up the actress. They were hitting her like a man. I have to see if the stunts were done by her.
When we left the theatre, the ticket-taker gave me a handshake and said good job. He gasped.
To be continued......


Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Hello you've been TAGGED!!!! Stop by my blog to play. :)

Monique said...

Haha! Look at you, Ms Sassy.

Anonymous said...

girl- I have so missed reading your blog posts!!! it's like watching tv, you're an excellent writer. lol @ the ticket clerk. I watched haywire last night- well part of it- i found it to be boring but you sho' right she was kicking butt and I wondered the same thing- Is she doing her own stunts???? I was told by the person that brought the movie over that shes a mixed martial artist. 'Kenya'