Sunday, January 8, 2012


I have the weekend off! Yay!
I get one full weekend off per month with the new job and this was it.
I'm excited. I hope that its the 1st weekend of every month just so that I can have my bday weekend...( month) off. I'm new so, I can't really call out or go around requesting stuff so...I'm just going to say a little prayer.
I took advantage of the weekend by doing grocery shopping (care of BFF.) My Christmas gift was 3 bags of groceries which I said hell yes to...I didn't go IN. I just got some fruit, juice, milk, stuff to make spaghetti with and some donuts. After I got home, there was all this stuff I WISHED I'd thought of although I had a list... groceries really are saving me this week since my paycheck was kind of short and the next paycheck will be as well...changing jobs never really have great overlap.
I have some big plans for this year and I'm trying to put them all into motion. I think slowly but surely, I am. These things are attainable.
I think I need to see a doctor or change my eating habits or something. The whole week I felt super-lethargic. I would look at my living room (which I am pulling up the carpet and putting down vinyl tile and just go into my bedroom (where the floor is literally covered in clothes) and just go to sleep. I would put in maybe 30 minutes of work and then lay down.
That is the main reason I didn't want to run around this weekend...I really just wanted some rest.
This week, I plan to get back "on" it and really get moving on my home projects. The next big event is my birthday. I am kind of dragging my feet making plans.
Firstly, I hate group dinners in my honor. I really would like a date. But....a month left and there's no one there that I would want to take me out....*sigh*
A few months ago, Twin asked what I wanted to do on my day....I said, Enjoy a spa day alone. Have my hair fly and go on a date with someone hot (and maybe a little bday acttion)
I'm not sure what I want to do and I definitely don't want to spend the evening alone but I don't want a big crowd.
Can someone hook me up with a date? I like black, attractive, smart, funny, sane and taller than 5"7. Please and thank you.

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Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Hey girl Happy New Year. Nice new layout! :)