Thursday, December 5, 2013

oh...that's how you communicate!

i had a really shitty day today.

just bitches being bitches and I came home and drank half a bottle of pink moscato because i'm a boss.

I called claude. he listened and reasoned with me. he made me feel better about my work situation.

and then we talked about our sexcapade on sunday.

he was....embarrassed.

honestly, the sex wasn't planned on any of our parts. he felt like he was too much in his head, wanting to please me and he ended up...not.

I told him I was worried he would think I was a sluthoe. he laughed and said he knows better.
we gave each other tips on how to get the other off.

we talked for 3 hours. about everything on our minds.
it was nice.

we made plans to have dinner at his place on this sunday. next Saturday, we're going to see Ginuwine. the next sunday is his 40th birthday...(whoa) and he requested I cook for him (yea, good luck to both of us) and then the next Saturday, we're going to see Keith Sweat.

he likes live music.
and 90s

so, he's my boyfriend. at least for the next month.

crossing my fingers it lasts til valentine's day.


belle said...

I had to post a response (i read, but rarely post). I think it's great that you've found someone who is treating you well. I can tell you are ready for real love, and I hope you and Claude will be good to each other.

Miss♥K said...

Ninas got a boyfriend Ninas got a boyfriend lol. I hope things work out too. Im loving that he wants to take you out and do thins- have fun- thats awesome!

Miss♥K said...

hopefully the talk about how to please one another pays off. We need a good toe curling blog post about claude lol