Sunday, December 15, 2013

Same ole G

Claude and I went to the Ginuwine performance at BBKings. He likes live music and when he told me he had bought the tickets (before we met),

I thought it was funny. Who buys tickets to see Ginuwine live? Is this 98?

Anyway, we went even though it was hailing and snowing and raining...typical NY winter.

  He told me the show started at 8. I got off at 7. He then tells me...oohhh the show starts at 7:30 when I was getting off. Grrr... I get there at 7:40 and only missed 1 song. Cool. We had a great time. Ginuwine is washed up...but it was funny watching these chicks go crazy for him like how these little teenaged girls go crazy for Justin Beiber. the beginning of the show...G many people in relationships we have in the room? I didn't say anything. Claude made noise and then looked at me like...o_o lol...I'm such a jerk.

So, when he asked again I made noise and he looked at me better We ate, we drank, I grinded my booty on him and we took the train home. As we were just kicking it on the train, I kept finding myself smiling like an idiot. I think our sexual difficulties are because he wasn't all the way comfy with me. He's coming out of his shell more. I likey.

I told my inner circle about him. I sent pics and everything. So, my friends know. I just hope I don't end up flat on my face.

 You guys seemed to like the music I put up at the end of posts. So, lets see if I can keep that up. lol


Miss♥K said...

Yes indeed- happy happy joy joy :) sounds like a nice time. Yaay for Nina

sunshinestar110 said...

So I love ginuwine *Covers eyes*! Its probably because we are from the same place but I probably would have been screaming like crazy! This post made me smile like it was me and like Miss k Said YAAAYYY NinA