Monday, December 2, 2013

the missing ingredient

sunday morning, I awoke to a good morning text from claude. a smile erupted on my face as I mused out loud how great it would be if we could have made brunch plans for that day.  he told me his son (who is 14) was over there and we could definitely see each other that night. he offered to cook or order me something to eat.


I go over to his house which is about 30 minutes from me by bus (he wanted me to take a cab that he'd pay for and I refused) and it's nice. no real furniture in the living he wanted to watch football.

it became apparent to him after like 5 minutes of us watching that football wasn't going to fly so we ordered food, sat at his table and talked. claude is old school in that he likes to take care of his woman (I don't mind...too much) but that has been burned by these new age hoes that take advantage. he told me about a woman who went on 6 or 7 dates with him and didn't offer to pay not once.


anyway, we cuddled and watched the soul train awards mixed in with music videos on vh1 soul. he has a thing for chrisette michelle and everytime boris kodjoe came on the telly, my panties got wet. I mentioned that I was thinking of letting my hair grow out and cutting it like chrisette's and possibly dying it white.

he said..'that's cool. my girlfriend is going to be storm.'

*record scratch*

I played it cool and was like, hahaha...yea...

in my head I was like GIRLFRIEND!!!

so, we're making out pretty hot and heavy and he's all horny and i'm trying to debate whether or not to go there.

we went there.
and it was small....and wack....

so, now i'm a little disappointed. i'm sure we can work on the sex part. everything else is cool.
we have a date for the 14th.

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Miss♥K said...

(in my Martin voice) aw damn Gina! not small and wack - i hate that- been there before, it sux. Hope it does get better for you.

I like that he's open minded to your hair style change tho- thats cool.

Im fighting cutting my hair again. Im torn between ny big ass afro I miss and a chrisette michelle or miley cyrus type of cut - I really want the fro back so im holding strong so far.