Sunday, March 20, 2011

by the light of the moon

written on Saturday night.
The moon is so amazing tonight. It makes me think of the phrase “by the light of the moon” and it all makes sense. Its beauty is astounding. I cuddled with Rocky as we sat on the concrete bench outside my house just gazing at it holding each other. I thought of you. Your arms around me as we sit watching. I thought of the perfect scenario of us, a blanket covering our shoulders with warm mugs of hot chocolate in our hands – happy and in love. I thought about being on my college campus in the middle of the grass knowing the moon would appear as if it hovered over my face. I thought of being in Paris or Spain or Berlin at some fancy café while watching with some handsome stranger. Most of all, I wanted to be with you. Whomever you may be.

No lie! Pics of the moon last night.

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★Starrla Monae☆ said...

How cute is the pic of it in the shape of a heart?1?!? I sometimes find myself struggling not to yell out "I love you!" to whomever he may be. Crazy.