Sunday, March 27, 2011

Part 3: Messages to the Universe

She introduced us under the neon lights as videos of Soul Train played on the jumbo screen behind us.

"Nina, Mike...Mike, Nina." We shook hands as he stepped in closer under the booming old school sounds the DJ was spinning.

"Its really nice to meet you. I was a bit apprehensive to approach you because you seem so if a brotha says the wrong thing you're gonna punch him in the face."

I gasped. I was smiling the entire evening, doing my two-step with whomever was close to me.

"I'm offended. I thought I was giving off good vibes," I pouted.

"You're a gorgeous girl. I'm a nice guy. Sometimes, I guess I don't know what to say." His friend tapped him on the shoulder and pointed to another friend who'd just walked in. "Stay right here. Best believe, I'm coming back for you."

I stayed put swinging my hips and my head back in forth, amusing myself with Don Cornelius' super afro. My feet aching and the clock ticking past 1am with me knowing that I had to get up for dance at church in the morning had me wondering whether I should leave it alone or stay and see where it goes. VM, the girl who introduced us leaned over and said, "Mike's a nice guy. Give him a chance." Does she have ESP?

He came back as Prince's "Kiss" came on. We dirty danced as he took my hand in his. "This is the perfect song right now," I said as our hips were grinding on each other. Stevie Wonder's "Do I Do" played next as I turned my back to him, dancing the two-step. We switched positions as I pressed in closer to him. I really can't keep my hands to myself with men. It doesn't matter - gay or straight; if you're hot, I'm touching you. Thick-bodied, he is really my type - not to tall (maybe 5'8), he has nice arms, a defined back, pecks and his abs aren't the Usher 6-pack but not a beer belly. His friend leaned over and said, "Go easy on him."

I laughed. He just stared at me. "I like that. You make little faces. They're all beautiful." All I could say was thank you.

We talked or rather - he talked more about his business and showed me a picture of his tattoo which takes up the majority of his back and goes down one arm. I told him about my spine tatt. We talked about our signs.

"When's your birthday?"
"February 4th"
"Oh you're an Aquarius."
"Oh, I gotta watch you now. Ya'll are very sneaky and when you want it, you'll take it. You'll wake a brotha up in the middle of the night if you have to."

I couldn't help but laugh because...its true and I've done it before. But, that was a different life - one that wasn't so...celibate.

I told him I was leaving at 1:30. He kept checking his watch for me, keeping me abreast of the time. I have to admit. It felt nice: his arms draped across my waist, my hand in his, leaning in close but my feet were really hurting and I needed them for dance in 7 hours.

It was time for me to go. He kissed me on the cheek and gave me a hug.

"You better call me."
"I will. Most definitely."

He better. :)
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