Tuesday, March 8, 2011

the blame game

I don't need to have male friends because I have a crush on damn near all of them! How dare they all be so cute, funny, smart, witty and intuitive! Also, how dare they be like my brothers and it feels so damn incestuous to even think of them as being so amazing! *sigh* (These statements will make sense in a minute)

BFF is 4 months preggo and her little belly is all sticking out now...I felt it and it was hard and round like ummm...a pregnant person's. So surreal. She calls me today like...Punjabi broke up with his girlfriend. She packed all of her stuff and left. He still didn't tell her WHY he doesn't want to be with her and that tomorrow, he will tell his mother about BFF. Punjabi feels bad and wants to buy the chick a house. BFF feels bad and wants to have a sit-down conversation with her. I told her straight up. Why feel bad NOW? Why not feel bad in January 2009 when you found out about the girl? Why not feel bad and STOP effing him in June 2009 when ya'll got back together? How come he didn't feel bad when he pursued you aggressively, dated you and had sex with you countless times without protection? Why not feel bad and break up after the first abortion? Why do you want to talk to her now? What are you going to say? I'm sorry. Please! Sorry doesn't undo 2 years of you willingly effing her man. Punjabi wants to buy her a house...she does want the house. She's always wanted a house but WITH him. Buying her a damn house does not fix that he carried on a double life. You want to apologize for busting up an 11-year relationship to make yourself feel better. Saying sorry does nothing for her.

I HAD TO SAY IT! C'mon son!

Then, I go on BBM and my boyy BP is like.."Yea, I know Aquarians...ya'll will flip on you and then hug you in the same sentence." It was eerie. lol

I said...you know...its the truth. It needs to be said but it doesn't mean I don't love you.
Am I wrong though?


★Starrla Monae☆ said...

Every last word you said wasn't wrong at all because it is THE TRUTH! Sometimes the truth hurts but it still needs to be said. I agree with you...don't be sorry NOW! You didn't give one single solitary f--k about it then. Girl woo-sah!!

GorgeousPuddin said...


That's all I can say!