Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Weekend

My work week was shit on a stick.

Firstly, I asked permission to give work out to our sister companies. I
was granted that permission by one of the heads while his 2 assistants
witnessed it. I asked at 11:30 am.

It turns out that we were less busy than anticipated.

I got slammed for doing it.


The shit hit the fan. The person I got permission from lied and said
that he didn't tell me I could do it at first. Then he recanted and said
he did, but at 1pm and not at 11:30. Instead of the admin asking the
assistants who were present, he went on that one person's word.

It was suggested that I'm getting paid off by these sister companies to
give them work. The more work you get the more money you make. To say
that is absurd is an understatement especially if I had to choose
between a 2-week metrocard and paying my ConEd bill in full today.


Friday, I got $1 raise. Which was overshadowed by me getting in trouble
for messing up on 2 jobs. This is 2 jobs out of 100. Instead of saying
98 were great, they said u really gotta work on these 2 cause this is
horrible horrible horrible.


Saturday, my friends and I drove down to VA. I lost my competition. I'm
forcing myself to be indifferent. It's hard because I really put a lot
into my costumes.

Sunday, we drove back. It was a fun trip.

I'm back home now, feeling beat up in more ways than one.

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