Friday, March 28, 2008


Before I left the house, I told myself, "Smile. Be happy. Stop writing
about your depression. Stop writing about Afroman. Write about the funny
people you see..the silly things people do. Pick yourself up off the
kitchen floor."

Of course, I was running late for work. Of course, I still stopped to
put concealer and eyeliner on. I threw my sidekick in my purse and ran
out the door. I realized I wanted to change my away message before I got
to work. I stopped and fished through my purse for my phone at one of my
neighbors gates. One of them came out.

He's hunky.


My iPod was blaring in my ears, so I almost walked away unfazed my his

He said, "How r u?"

I said, "Good Morning," an octave too high. Pulled on ear bud out of my
ear and smiled. "I'm your neighbor from down the block."

He said, * my name is blair underwood. lets go to your place and get
jiggy with it* (just playin)


We chatted about nothing. He asked for my number so we could get dinner

It was normal. Comfortable. He's tall. At least 6"2'. Medium-dark
complexion. Bald head. Solid. 27 years old.

I'm smiling at random strangers on the train while I'm typing this.
Thinking positively. My outfit is so cute. Dark jeans. White beat-up
converse I wear everyday. Brown bomber jacket (vintage - it was my dad's
in like 1989). Mustard pashmina scarf. Lime green purse, big enough to
carry my high-heeled boots, extra make-up, magazine, and other girly
necessities. My nails are nice and manicured, a magenta fruit punch. My
hair is parted on the side and falls perfectly framing my face and
cascades down my shoulders. The scarf is wrapped around my hair, so some
of it is sticking out. Very rushed, a little cute but messy. :D

I'm totally geeking! Today has to be a good day.

There might be something to this positive attitude. My reward might just
be a chocolate covered ma-yun.


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