Thursday, March 20, 2008

This Morning

I felt warm as I sat on the train reading a magazine listening to Lizz

The song was "Simply Put, I Love You." At first, I mused that it was
meant for Afroman as most things with love I equate to him. I saw myself
not leaving the train station. I wanted to simply cross to the other
side and go home to sleep, to lay in bed and be poetic. I wanted the
warmth of my emotions to myself.

And India.Arie's song "Headed in the Right Direction" played and I felt
it was a sign. I visualized myself on the bus calling my boss to tell
her I have bad cramps and can't walk.

But, it was just a thought. I have to work to eat. This is my
responisibility as an adult. I stopped to write this blog with the hope
in my heart that I made the right choice as I'm walking into work.

I just realized that song isn't for Afroman at all. It is for me.

Simply put, I love me.

I think I'm finally ready to face the day.

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