Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cleaning House

Since my blogroll was deleted when I was template-hopping, allow me to take this time to clean house. If I've commented on your blog and you've never commented back...DELETE.

Call me sensitive. Call me bitchy. Call me a pirate, I don't care. But, if I come to your site and I drop a note, the least you could do is acknowledge it.

(Shout-out to Eb the Celeb)

It doesn't have to be that day or even in that post, but a quite nod of recognition that I did read your comment. I might not have agreed with it or understood your psycho-babble, but thank you for caring enough to respond.

Anywhosies! Those who I've left several comments and did not care to say, "thanks for stopping by," or anything...see-ya!

With that said,

I appreciate you: (these are hyperlinks)


The Breaking Point aka LH


Modern Isis



Because! I've been a SourPatchKid lately've been putting up with my ish, probably holding your breath til I come out of my funk...


thee modern isis said...

Just checkin' chica. I need to get my blog writing mojo back.. but anywho.. cute layout.

Nina said...


Yes, Miss Missy @ writing mojo!!! *wags finger* happens to the best of us.

Hope all is well either way

E said...

Hey Nina :)
Just poppin in to say what up. I, too, need to get back on the blog stick. I see I've been missing a lot. Glad you got yourself some new eye candy, I hope he turns out to be more than just that.