Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Beard Looks Good on Me

A while back (like in October), I spoke of Jake.


A gay man whom I'm becoming especially close within the last few months.

Well, plain and simple, Jake's not out and a man in his early 30's, who's successful in his field, needs to have some eye candy on his arm or the rumors will start.

Surprisingly, he thinks I fit the bill. Who knew?

His co-worker was getting married and he invited me to her wedding as his date.

And, I get to meet his mom.

The butterflies were flapping. I borrowed a silver-gray dress from my mom and some peep-toe black pumps she doesn't know I have.

The day of, Sal, the person who's been crashing on my couch for the past month, curled my hair. It was so cute! As soon as I walked out the house, the rain came down. It was like God was pouring buckets of rain down, laughing maniacally. I made it to the bus stop where there were a bunch of boys making fun of everyone. They were saying stuff like,

Delinquent#1: "Oh she's cute, but she's fat."
Delinquent#2: "You want to talk to her? Tell her you would love her like a fat kids loves cake."

(See why Liz and I need our on street team?)

The bus came within 5 minutes. Thank Jesus.

As I got on the bus, my umbrella broke.

Delinquent#3: "Womp womp. Looks like you don't have an umbrella."

I kept my mouth shut. Sometimes, people just like to have an audience. I got to Newark, Jake picked me up. We coordinated our colors well. I met his mother. She looks so young and was really nice.

She said I looked beautiful and I promised her my mom's shoes. Lol.

We ran to Target and got a card for the newlyweds. Jake realized he left the address at work, but he kinda knew where it was going to be. We ended up stopping at a gas station and asking the attendant if he knew where they had weddings around there. It happened to be next door. We ended up being 15 minutes late.

Jake's co-workers were really nice. The ceremony was really quick. I'm still asking myself if that was it. The reception was beautiful. Jake and I danced in between his female co-workers staring at my every detail. The dinner was good. We laughed and joked. They asked us when he was going to get married. He referred to me and I said we set a date.

He said, "Yea. 2/20/2020."

We even put it in his blackberry calendar. Lol

All in all, we had such a blast! I really kinda want to date Jake. He's such a gentleman, opening every door, pulling out my chair, etc.

His co-workers seemed to warm up to me. They invited me to their cookout and child's Sweet 16 and told Jake he needs to bring me around more. (The real test will be on Monday when he gets feedback).

I asked if I'm really his type. He said yes, citing that he likes(liked) girls that are really pretty, frilly and girly, and have a little meat on them. He said back in the day, he really would've dated me.

I asked if he considers himself to be bisexual. He said he thinks that his being gay is a phase and that he would date a woman if they were compatible. But, she would have to know about the ballroom. The only women who do are me and Trisha (who is a story in itself).

We talked about baby names and I told him that my name is kind of generic. No one really knows my ethnicity until they meet me in person and his name is the same. I told him I would name my child Susan Have the first name be really classic and keep the middle creative.

He said he really enjoyed himself with me. I thanked him for trusting me enough to put himself out there like that. I couldve outed him.

I need to quit. It was so comfortable being with him. Is it because he's gay or bi or whatever? Or is it because he's cool as hell? Or is it because I had control of the situation? I know I'm using this particular situation to fill the void of not having the relationship I want. is what it is. I know this is a front for him. He does like me, like a good friend. I can't fall for him. But, geez, if every straight man treated a woman like he did, I would have no problem.

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