Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dizzy + Just Naaasty + Love Hangover Diana Ross Style + NinaDiva Moments + Is There a Future Here?

Last night, I went to Bloomie's with my gift card printed out and ready. Me and the ladies went to the M.AC counter and picked out our favorites. I handed over the printed receipt, which ended up being the wrong thing. And, we had to place it on hold until Friday when I can go back. I

I'm so smart.

I got home around 9:30, text(ed) Dame and took a shower. Got out the shower. No answer from Dame. I sat down and tried to figure out what to wear to work. 10pm.I called. No answer. 10:30pm. I called and got no answer. I started to freak. What's a girl got to do to get aid around here?

11pm, he finally picks up the phone. He says he was in another room and just checked on it. I tell him I'm just picking out clothes to wear the next day and will be on my way soon. leave and go to the Chinese food store. Get on the bus to the train. I got to the train station at 11:20. Through a series of loops and hoops, I get to his train stop at 1am. Keep in mind, this is supposed to take 45 minutes TOTAL from the time I step out of my house to I get to his house. I called him 5x before he picked up. Same excuse.

"What the eff man?" I am pissed. "Its late, the least you could've done is met me at the train station."

"You're right. If I had picked up the phone earlier, I would've. I'm sorry, Nina."

I explain to him my commute which I also blame on him. That hour makes all the difference.

"I'm sorry," he seems sincere. My anger is not abated.

"Well, you will be...we're not fucking tonight. I'm exhausted. Which sucks for you because I have my white fuzzy handcuffs and my 5inch hooker heels in my bag."

"You didn't travel 2 hours in the same borough to go to sleep."

"Yes I did. You're going to spoon me."

I get there and he's sitting in his chair watching me, bemusedly.

He pulled back the covers for me.


I pull out my headscarf and tied that sucker on. I pulled off my pants and laid down.

"Turn the light off, please."

He took my hand to stand me up.

"What's that?"

I had on red lacy boyshorts with cut-outs on the sides and a blue and white polka dot bra under a yellow wifebeater, so the top of the bra showed. He turned me around.

"I liiiiike..the boyshorts."

He took off my shirt.

"Cute dots."

He swirled me around and grabbed my ass. He swirled me around and grabbed my waist. With one hand, he snapped off my bra.

"I told you, I'm a pro at this."

"Sit down," he told me. His penis was out. I laid on the bed.

"No, you have to warm the car up before you can drive it. Besides, you have a lot to make up for."

"How do I do that?" he hovered over me.

"You know what to do."

He pulled off my underwear and proved me right.

Long story short, we went at it like hungry animals until 5:30 in the morning, with me knowing I had to be up at 7am. Yes, the loving was that good.

Two things of note:
OMG. The man knows his way around a woman. He was pulling my "hair" so hard at one point, I had to make sure the ish was still glued in.
 Also, my wisdom tooth started throbbing  and the right side of my face at around 2am. He offered to go to the store for some Excederin for me, without hesitation. He even brought me a cup of juice and rubbed my sweet.
A little later, he handcuffed my hands as I told him they were actually for him. He said that he can tell I have control issues because he has the same ones. He said he wasn't allowing me to control him in this relationship.
I kind of liked that.
And he's right. If you allow me to, I will walk all over you.
We really couldn't get enough of each other. I couldn't stop touching him and he me. He was fine and satisfied one moment, then we would spoon, he would rub all over me and then all of a sudden, he was penetrating again. He said I was going to give him a heart attack.
Whatever the case, it was so much fun.
I told him that this means we have to wait 2 weeks to fuck again. I don't want my stuff getting old to him and frankly, I'm the type, if I sleep with you everyday, you start to repulse me. You could be frickin Morris Chestnut and I would have the same reaction. But also, it shakes things up a bit. Alls I I need some sleep. My mind is all over the place and I'm forgetting things within 30 seconds of thinking it...not cool.
He asked me 2 questions:
1. If we could do a threesome. With either a man or a woman.
2. If we could do a foursome. With another couple.
I kind danced around the question.
I asked him what would make him ask me that. He said that he can tell I'm a freak. He said that I have a sinister adventurousness to me, that makes me seem at least open-minded to almost anything.
"You're a nasty girl. I can bend you at my will, I just have to play my cards right. For now, we have to save some for that morning bone."
--eh..He may know what he's talking about.
I told him to wake me up at 7am.
We turned over at 7:30. I felt like I was on a margarita bender. My stomach felt all knotted up, my head was spinning. I jumped in the shower (which eeewwww, it doesn't look like a woman lives there.) and got dressed in 20 minutes. I can't  be late for work. He looked up and I was applying lip gloss and my Jackie-O glasses.

"Damn, you dressed that quick," he turned over.
"I don't fuck around wirth my j-o..."
He got up and walked me to the door.
As I walked the 6 blocks to the train station, halfway, my 2nd favorite pair of sandals broke. ALl I had were the 5inch hooker shoes I was going to wear for his special lapdance. FUUUUUUUCKKKKK...commuting in flats is testy enough. As I walked, women looked and me and hmph'ed. Men looked at me like...heyy. One man even followed me in his car...CREEPY.
Thank Baby Jesus, it was only for  3 blocks. I waited for the train, praying I would have a seat. Which I did after 20 minutes. Oh the agony....
I walked the 4 blocks to my office and even stopped off to get breakfast feeling like an amazon. Being 5ft 5 after living at a meager 5ft existence was lovely.
And now, I'm working....and I feel great.
We'll see how I feel later. For Jake's birthday, we're taking him to Cirque de Soleil at 7pm.
Jesus take the wheel!

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Young woman on a journey said...

Your life sounds awesome! no really, makes me want to move to NYC! get it girl! That man is going to be asking you if you like mothers next! I don't know about the 5inch heels walking to work though. DO NOT WANT!

don't drop somewhere though with all this partying.

queenbee said...

I wanna be like you when I grow up :)

Nina said...

HAHAHAAHAAA...My life is good. I can't complain. I'm jus trying to have fun!