Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ethical or not...I'm getting M.A.C.

A client sent me a gift card for $300 to Bloomingdale's.

I probably shouldn't cash it, it could be seen as a bribe, but...


I'm going to Bloomie's and I'm racking up on makeup and some strappy shoes.The sole purpose for this post is obviously, if this comes back to bite me, I would like proof that I thought it was a good idea.

Ominous, I know.

All day, I've been dancing around in my seat. Why? Tonight, I am getting serviced so lovely. Equipped with my new make-up and my favorite hooker shoes, I will give Dame a private lapdance. I will then handcuff him and do some really cool things to make him shiver. He then will do some really cool things to show his appreciation. Then, we will spoon and cuddle.

I can't freakin wait.

I'm still pissed and bitter at Blair, but I'm sure the $200 Report Signature heels I have my eye on will sound nicely click clacking on the pavement as I run away after throwing a brick through his window.

How's that for finding happiness in one's self?


Young woman on a journey said...

now that is a good gift. get it girl!

E said...

lmao. you crack me up. i can just see you haul-assin out of an alley way, knockin over anyone that gets in ur way. "sorry granny! ill pay u back for the OJ and bread tomorrow after i've had my boots properly knocked!"

btw, ur mission, if u choose to accept it, is in my latest post. vaya con dios.

Justine Samantha said...

i just pictured a chick in 200 dollar shoes, smiling after throwing a brick through some dudes window.

your hilarious.
i swear i love reading your blog.