Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tablespoon of Reality

I text Blair at around 9:30.

"You called...."

"Yeah, last night."

"Was there something you wanted?"


"You kinda played me to the left before your trip. I might be able to look past that if..."

"If what?"

"You make it worth my while..."


"I'll be home around midnight"


I got home at midnight on the dot. I text(ed) him and took a shower.

12:20. No answer from Blair.

12:40. I called. No answer.

1:00. I called. No answer.

1:05. I called Dame.

"Hey shorty. What's goin on with you?"

"I can't sleep. You need to put me to bed."

"I can't. I have to get up at 6am."

I pouted silently.

"Ok, that's fine." I played it cool.

"So, I guess you're going to call whoever's next on the list."

"There is no list. There is no one else."

"Oh," he sounded genuinely surprised, "its ok if there is."

"I know and if there were, I would be honest enough to admit it. But there's not."

(And in that instance, I wish Dame and I had been friends first. I wish he knew my character better, at least to know who I am at my core.)

"I do want to see you. I have the rope still tied to my bed where we left off."

"It's not nice to tease."

We hung up, but it had me thinking...I was probably girl#3 that Blair called. And after I said yes, someone else said yes and he chose them over me. Which is fine only if you have the freakin courtesy to say "hey, I'm tired," or "my pet scorpion died and I don't feel like it" or SOMETHING.


Alas, I think this little episode was enough to have me kick my Blair habit. I know I need to stop before I go back to thinking about throwing bricks.

It's better this way.
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Justine Samantha said...

i must say i absolutely adore your blog.


your on my blog roll.

Justine Samantha said...
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Young woman on a journey said...

lol. there's nothing worse than no options. but definitely cut him off, at least for a little bit. you know how i feel about stand-ups and tardiness. even if it IS all for fun!

LovexHate said...

New to your blog. I likes it :).
"I called. No answer"
Uhh.. theres nothing I hate more than someone just avoiding you when they can simply stop wasting both your time by telling you whats up. I agree with the comment above, cut him off or seem disinterested 'cause he probably thinks hes got u where he wants.

LovexHate said...

oopsie im tired, i meant *uninterested.. gosh my english is going bad lol