Monday, August 18, 2008

Manic Mondays


1. I've been downsized to a desk that is half the size I had before.

2. I'm BROKE. Ugh!

3. I have this dude living in my house who doesn't contribute AT ALL. Like, doesn't even replace the toilet tissue, soap, juice. My annoyance level is just through the roof.

Its the end of the summer and I've done nothing. I'm really really over it.

There are those moments in my life when I just want a do-over. I feel as if I've fucked up. Today was one of those days...

"Tomorrow may never come. For you, Umi life is not promised. I aint no perfect man, I'm trying to do the best that I can."

I'm trying to keep positive.

Saturday, I have another pageant and I'm nervous. I haven't competed since June. That time, I lost. I hate losing because I can't accept that someone looked better than me, competed better than me. It just doesn't compute. I can never accept someone was just better.

I've been thinking about my dreams. I want to go to London. I want to move to a different city. I want to be published by 25. I really need to make these things happen.

"Tomorrow may never appear. You better hold these very moments so close to you. For you, Umi, life is not promised..."

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Eb the Celeb said...

I literally just took Mos Def Umi out of the RBW rotation... so I so feel you...

good luck in the pageant... you know you cant judge your flyness those by others though ... yeah you know that

Chris said...

You shouldn't let a pageant define you...whether you win or lose, you are going to be the same person no matter what...embracing who you are is what makes you a winner...not a ribbon and a bogus crown.

E said...

one of my favorite songs...

good luck on your pageant. you know you're a hot tamale, lol.

also, ugh@ the desk situation. i think they're trying to break you down. just keep doing what you need to do, things will fall into place.

Liz said...

small desks suck llama balls... and you are the hotness.. the end!

Liz said...

tropic thiunder: i didn't really know how i was gonna feel about it either in all honesty... but they address it in the movie. so i am ok now. it was pretty funny... slightly racist. they do address the racist-ness of it though