Monday, October 6, 2008

Choose Mold or Indifference

This weekend was a lot.

My paycheck was like a big wooomp woooomp.

It was less than $1k, which is unusual. But, that's what happens when I don't work overtime.

I deposited my check. Took out $500 out the ATM.

I knew I probably shouldn't get my hair done, but I needed to and a friend was coming into town and I wanted to look cute for him.

I bought the hair - a new brand for $40 a pack. I needed 2 packs. Arrgh. I got to the hair salon, showed it to my hair stylist. She laughed, saying I needed an extra pack.


I go to the beauty supply - the one far out of the way - the only one who had it. I hand over 2 20's.

Oh no, this is fake. The cashier told me.

I was dumbfounded.

I got this out the *ATM. She was like take it back.

I look at my phone and I had 6 missed calls. All my mom. She text me, I'm locked out. Come let me in.

That was over an hour before. Shit.

I call her 2x. She doesn't answer.

She calls back. WhereareyouwhydidntyoucallmeearlierBFFcameandletmeinIcandependonherandnotyou.

I'm glad she let you in.

Iamtoo. She hung up.

I shook my head. I can't deal.

I get my nails done, forgoing the usual pedicure. I just can't afford it. My usual technician is surprised. I go back to the hair salon.

The lady does my hair.

Oh, you didn't need the extra pack. I miscalculated.

It happens, I say, knowing my face is telling my true story.

Its freezing as I walk out the salon.

Good thing I like my hair. My house is in shambles. I fall asleep wishing I had the energy to clean.

To be continued....
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poison.ivy said...

oops...was i chanting

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

thats a new one to me - a 40 pack of hair

Jane said...

How'd you get your hair done?
Don't let the mom stuff stress you, girl trust we all go through it.

Sha Boogie said...

Fake money out the ATM? Dang. Hair is expensive!! Which is why I will never cut my locs, long hair with a little patience, lol

Chris said...

Wow...fake cash out of the atm...that's amazing.