Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Start to Think, Then I Sink....

Interesting conversations/thoughts I've had lately:

(Blog title courtesy of Mos Def)

*me, gi and lp were talking about how some white people say blacks should forget slavery. I said that we should ask the jews to forget the holocaust. The effects of breeding two people together to have the strongest slave is still seen today - the tiki barbers, vince youngs, etc. they countered with how are we going to pay every black person reparations. I said I don't think it should solely come from the government, but businesses that insured slaves as property and routinely discriminated against blacks. Yea, I'm looking at you, denny's and sallie mae!

*middle america may fuck up this election for us obama mamas.

*i need to clean house. reluctant roomie has got to go. I need a complete makeover for my house.

*twin said...for another big girl to be friends with you, she needs to be secure with herself. that's why a lot of big girls don't like you.... wow....I said. plus you're a total

*my weekend is looking full: I have a date saturday with POF Guy 1 and sunday with POF Guy 2. A friend is having a birthday shindig sat night at a thai restaurant (ick and I'm not fond of group dining situations where I have to split the bill with strangers. Something always goes wrong.

*picture this: a train - I'm n a vintage leather coat (owned by my dad in the late 80s.), dude next to me is in a leather peacoat, a chick is in a sherling. This lady is in a blazer. That's it - no scarf/hat/nothing.....immune system of steel! Lol

*happy hump day, enough of my rambling.

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Young woman on a journey said...

*I hate Sallie Mae

*it always comes down to middle america don't it?

* I'm a big girl with a wide array of friends. but i feel most comfortable with confident big girls...i will not condone hooker wear though. lol.

*uh oh. POF is doing you good i see! (looks to the left and right pointing at self, giving credit where its due). lol. just joking.

*i hate group dinners...i don't eat a lot when i go out or drink a lot and inevitably have to pay for someone else's over indulgence.