Thursday, October 23, 2008

These Words From My Heart Flow + Last Night, Sephora Changed My Life + Money Woes + Sometimes, I'm an Asshole

"I'm sick. Come home and take care of me," I text(ed) him as I typed away an e-mail to my bosses about the latest crisis.

"I wish I could. It's snowing here."

And in that instance, I felt the distance between us. I felt alone.


I've been losing things a lot lately. Precious things that I care for a lot- my bb, my sanity, and now my concealer.

$23 concealer in a small ass tube.

And did I mention, I'm sick. Everything is dry and I have this need to look almost-perfect everyday. So, I went to Sephora to replace it. I walked in and experienced the sweet smell of all the different products and then I realized - I can sample (!!!!)

I've got a list of 20 things I need (!!!!!) I need to get my shit together.


I've been thinking about the men I've left behind. Some have left me behind. Some I've left wondering wtf happened. Call it loneliness. Call it self-reflection, I dunno. Something in me tells me I'm not done with my past....I mean your past does tell your

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WiZ said...

you sound like you wanna rekindle a blown out flame or something

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

perfect cuddling weather but the snow dang