Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fw: Guess Who's's BZack

I got my new blackberry yesterday. Its all shiny and the buttons are all tight. No scratches on the screen.


I am currently running 45 minutes late for work. I am exhausted. Completely just spent at this break-neck speed I've been running at.


ReluctantRoomie (remember him) is in the hospital for depression.

He'd been living with me since July. He hasn't been contributing at all. He lost his job then decided to bring sodas and juices and stuff for the house. He decides to go home to Rochester to see his mom and clear his head.

In the meantime, I lost my phone.

Monday, Jake tells me RR was in the hospital. He hasn't been sleeping, eating, or drinking.


I text him yesterday while I was at work. He confirmed what I heard. He said he just felt like shit for not really being the best he could be and that he knew I put myself out there fo him and he didn't return the favor.

He asked if he can live with me again. I didn't say anything. I didn't really know what to say.

Obviously, the answer is no. The tact behind it is something....else.

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Liz said...

that's a tough one... the RR situation.

but yay on getting your phone!

WiZ said...

congrats on getting a new blackberry. is it a bold?

Chris said...

That cat would not be freeloading with me...I'd tell'em to kick rocks...

Eb the Celeb said...

Isnt having a new bberry the best feeling in the whole word... its crazy how having a new cell phone brings us so much joy until we drop it that first time and we have a smudge... ugh

and rochester... would that be rochester, ny?

that's my home town!!!!