Sunday, October 26, 2008

Feelin Better than Head on a Sunday Afternoon

I am NOT ready to go back to work tomorrow.

More bullshit. Less pay.


Trying to live in the NOW of my situation.

I have a MetroCard and a pocket full of ketchup, let's make a love connect babe.

(That was a line from "Can't Get A Date" - remember that show on VH1. Loved it!)

I'm stuck between just fucking whomever just because I basically can and holding out for a good dude.

I think I'm just jaded.

I want IT right now
An add water type of relationship.

I know its not possible but it would be nice. Hmmm....

I've been perusing the CL ads, willing myself to just answer one, pushing the thoughts of myself dead in the dish far into my subconscious. Telling myself, its not that serious. Relax. knows.

Disclaimer: Sometimes what I have to say is not pretty. At least its real and the day I fee I can't tell the truth on my own blog, is the day I no longer have a blog.

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WiZ said...

work sucks girl. i wish i had failed couple classes to still be in college. but then again...maybe it just sucks because we arent making the kinda money we want to. dreams of the bmw and yachts and penthouse apts are just merely so....dreams

Young woman on a journey said...

aww. work is not what's up. but we gotta do it.

I understand your dilemma. just go with the flow and do whatever you feel is best.

stay off of CL. too dodgy. try . its free and better than CL (well, i don't know if its better, but definitely seems less dodgy).

Stay up luv!