Saturday, October 24, 2009


Yes, I haven't updated in a second. My bad.

Nothing spectacular has happened.
My cousin X came to live with my mom from South Carolina which means he basically lives with me.


He's not one of my favorite cousins at all. I'm not close with my mom's family at all. I always felt like they never really accepted me. This cousin, I actually lived with him, his bro and my aunt a long time ago for a summer. He hasn't changed a lot. Which is...unfortunate.

Maybe I'm making it worse than it really is...

He's a good kid but he's just needy, talkative, and he complains a lot.

I just really can't take someone that has to be spoken to all day long. Its annoying. All day all he talks about is how hard this transition is, how he's not used to the trains, how he needs money, yadda yadda...


You wanted to live here. You're the one that didn't save money. How do you move somewhere with $14 in your bank account?

He frustrates me.

Furthermore, my mother basically wants me to be with him every day.


That's not even in my personality to be under someone every day. After a while, I need alone time. I need silent time. it would be different if he respected silent time. He doesn't understand it. Thursday we were together all day. At around 9:30, I just wanted to be quiet. I told him that. He was like "Why aren't you talking to me?" (Oh man up!) I was like, I just want it to be silent. He gets on his cell phone. Ahhhhhh.

He drains me. Trying to encourage someone everyday when I'm trying to keep my own head up.

I'm on my way to a photo shoot for my company's Holiday '09 campaign (yay!!) My mom was like, why didn't you take X? Because (!!!) I left the house at 7am and the ride is 2 hrs each way (!!!) Someone will die!

Other than that, TD Bank is some bullshit.

How did I make a cash deposit on Friday, October 17th and it didn't post til Thursday the 22nd?????

All week, I was calling pissed off because bills were coming out and my account was overdrawn.

They kept feeding me bullshit like it was my fault. At one point, they were like...

"What do you want me to do about it?"

Can you tell my blood pressure is up this morning?

Finally, I get it straightened out. My account balance is $0.72. My freaking student loans (who I told I won't have money til next week) still took out $50 of my account. For some reason TD let's people charge whatever. It just means they tack on however many overdraft fees they want.


One thing after the other!

God is good because I haven't gone hungry...which is a miracle. Twin has been so good to me. I'm thankful. I'm just ready for my unemployment to kick in already.

Other than that, I'm sick of people staring at me all the time. My mom noticed it when we went to the movies last week and says its because I'm so pretty. I was like..oh that's nice but I think its the low haircut. It is soooo...ugh! Imagine being stared out everywhere you go. It gets old. Waiting impatiently for my hair to grow back. I was pratically bald so it will probably take some years. *sigh*

On a happy note, my company is shooting their holiday 09 ad (a lil late) but hopefully I can produce it by Nov 1. I'm excited.

Enough venting for now.

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Emanuel said...

It is because you're so pretty!!! I was trying to be nice when I told you that you should be in front of a camera modeling. You have gorgeous features and you obviously stop people in their tracks. I have a girlfriend I've known since forever. She's gorgeous just like you and she models. Gets paid mega bucks!!! And yes she's a plus size model. I hate going anywhere with her because people are always gawking at her. Men do stupid stuff (just like they do to you) trying to get her attention and her phone number. All I can say is it must be nice ;)

Emanuel said...

I meant to say I wasn't trying to be nice... you have to accept the fact that yes you are a beautiful woman Ms. Nina ;)

Nina said...

Awww thanks Ms. EE!

It is on a day where you're just having a bad day...I'm a naturally shy person and so most often, its unnerving...

When I'm older, my mom says I'll wish for the attention. We'll see.

wynsters the tigress said...

stop fucking with TD and get with chase. I've been with them since 9th grade and I have NO complaints.