Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I'm about to go out and do a job where this girl and her 4 friends are going to a party. I hate these late night jobs..but, I need the money!

Anyway...I've been thinking about men. I've been thinking about breaking my celibacy more and more each day. All I can think about is sexing. I've felt like this before around my 6month peak...but whooooooa nelly!

So this whatever is dedicated to whomever is on my mind right now....

I want to grab your face and kiss you
Show you how much I've missed you
Wondering if you've been thinking about me
As I have you
Make me feel wanted
Make me feel like a natural
Fragile in your arms
Steely eyed drama queen of the night
Steer this ship as we rock
back back
forth forth

I want to hold you.
Feel skin under finger tips
Goosebumps under lips

It is cold baby
Keep me warm.
Bedtime lullabyes breathe these words to me
Let's go.

Anytime. Anywhere.

Lips pressed together
Bodies pushed together
Let me kiss you.
Hands exploring
I implore you

Let me kiss you.

I like this dude for no reason. He's not even cute. BUT, I want him to want me..I know...STOOOPID! lol

I like this other dude becaue he's driven but our "schedules" keep us apart.

I thought I liked this other dude but he talks too much.

I really just want to find a match and take it from there.

We shall see....