Thursday, October 1, 2009


This weekend was a working weekend for me! I loved every bit of it. Business is picking up...yay!

I should e-mail blast people more often, lol. I actually have to order more jars...exciting!

Friday, J took me to get my camera. I begged him and hounded him for 2 weeks because he has a credit of $650 from Best Buy...he could spare $119 on a camera, right? Well, in order to get the camera, I had to go with him to get his car from the dealership. That took ALL DAY! We were supposed to meet up at 12. He pushed the time back 3 times...we met up t 2:30. I was getting so pissed! I had other things I wanted to do... The dealership was waayyyy out on the other side of Brooklyn.

It took us a good hour and 15 minutes to get there. We get there and the car is not ready. Then it is ready and it won't start. Drama drama drama. We didn't leave til 5:30. We get my camera and it is GORGEOUS! He ended up spending $180. The actual camera was $129. He got 2-yr insurance on it because he knows I suck with electronics....constantly dropping things. I felt bad. Money is money. He didn't have the gift card so he put it on his credit card. He tells me he owes Best Buy $4800 another $180 is like interest. Sweeet!

I didn't get home til 8pm. whole Friday shot. I had orders to package but it just so happened that the orders needed to be photographed for my website. So, it worked out.

Saturday...ran some errands, ended up in the Farmer's Market. Got inspired for a photoshoot which Editor loved. Met up with Twin. We found a cute little jewelry boutique that we both loved...we ate...and I ran another errand. Came home. Worked all day as far as making products and taking more pictures. My mom convinced me to leave my work and join her game night with her beautician and her beautician's daughter.

I don't like the beautician's daughter.

She had a gastric bypass by a shady doctor. She wasn't big enough to have it but he did it anyway. She almost died (!!) but she pulled through. She doesn't exercise but she expects the weight to just fall off. So, to help that along, she starves herself. She only eats a few pieces of fruit. Her mom made her eat a piece of chicken. She put the chicken in her mouth and chewed it and then spit it into a napkin. She did this for 6 pieces of mini-wings.

I was like, "Listen, trick! If you don't stop wasting food...."

That pissed me off because she wasn't swallowing it and people like me who relish in having a (free) cooked meal (me) could be eating....

Plus, I haaaaate listening to people chew, suck and lick stuff..ick!

Other than that, it was fun.

Sunday, I woke with enough time to get shower, dress, and go to church as it was starting.

Have you ever been to a black church and sat next to THE most obnoxious person in the place? That's where I was sitting. The woman was big and during the worship part of the service, I felt so uncomfortable because I couldn't move without being squished. The, during the service, she would yell loudly.."That's right pastor!"and "You talking to ME!" over and over. She was trying to include me in her diatribe..wasn't working. She would be like "Girl, he's preachin!"...yea, I'm trying to listen thanks..I was trying not to be rude but its like....come on! I think she was being rude and attention-seeking. By the end of the sermon, I was flinching every time she spoke.

Speaking of the sermon, pastor rocked it! He was taking about why Moses didn't obey God and the same reasons why he didn't is the same reasons we don't. We make excuses...he highlighted 4. Fear, low self-esteem, fear of embarassment, and indifference.

He said 2 main things:

Bitterness is like you drinking bleach and hoping the other person dies.

What if God gave you that idea and its the only one in the world. What if you don't act on it and it could bring you millions. What if you try it and it works.

That was the beginning of a great week!
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Trish said...

I like both of those examples. I love it when pastors incorporate things of today into their messages.