Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sat Oct 3

Ugh! I'm sorry its taking me a full week to explain what happened over the weekend!

Saturday, I felt like mold but I had an interview for an internship at a plus-size boutique. I aced the interview, picked up some lashes and planned to go out that night. I did my laundry, got a hair cut and rushed to get dressed

My hair is now low low you see scalp. It was an accident but I'm kind of happy it happened.

I went out with BFF and Wynsters the Tigress.

We went to Target First Saturdays at the Brooklyn Museum where its free entrance, you can visit all the exhibits and they have a dance party where a DJ spins some tunes and everyone all ages gets to dance and have fun. It happens first Saturday of the month.

Let me tell you...we boogied! It made up for the calamity that was Friday!

Two instances though:
1. Saw dude as we were walking by.

"Hey sexy," he said.
"Hello," I responded and kept walking.

He saw me again on the dance floor. He pinched my arm. I pinched him back.

"You're just the way I like 'em, he said."

*blank stare* from me.

As he left, I told my friends..."All he had to do was say something classy."

They agreed.

2. Dude kept making comments to Wynsters, I thought.

He saw us outside ands asked to take a picture of me.

"Where is this picture going?"

"Just my personal collection."

I obliged. He tried to put his arm around my waist to take a picture with me.

"Whoa, too close," I said. It felt weird. Wynsters said I was being too harsh.


He tried to hug me...I stepped back.

"You trying to play me," he said. He grabbed me by my waist and tried to lift me up. As he tried I was like stop! I hit him with my clutch. His grip was so tight around my body. His head was on my chest. Stop! Stop!

It took the dudes next to me to rip his hands off to get him to quit.

Friggin weirdo!

I was so embarrassed. I just had to leave. As we were leaving this shady ass lady hands me a piece of paper...

"If you're not into this, give it to someone who is.."

I looked at the was a flyer from "Get Money Productions" saying that by "Shakin Yo Big Tits and Ass you can make $$$$$"

I was floored. BFF and Wynsters were roooolllling! I was, is it my outfit?

As we were walking to the car, Wynsters told me to put the flyer on some random minivan's windshield. I did.

We laughed hard. Sang along to the Blueprint 3 album.

Great way to forget your blues for a night.
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Anonymous said...

You were harsh. But I see it has been a reoccurring theme with you and your dealings with men who approach you. If you are tired of being single, why be so cold and mean?

wynsters the tigress said...

wow, anonymous needs to FALL BACK and grow a pair. that said, darling, did I really say you were being harsh? if so, I take it back! that dude was hands down, creepy and shady. your reaction was pretty darn accurate.

basically, you're fabulous and about being single, it's easy to get frustrated but God knows what's up ;-)