Thursday, October 8, 2009

Puff Puff Passsssss

I hate Anonymous comments....


I feel like people act like they can say whatever under the veil of anonymity. But whatever...

Anonymous made this comment in reference to my Sat, Oct 3 post:

"You were harsh. But I see it has been a reoccurring theme with you and your dealings with men who approach you. If you are tired of being single, why be so cold and mean"

I mentioned it on twitter and one of my friends said that whoever left that is high and should be generous and

I gave it serious thought.

1. I am sick of being single but I do question if I can be in a relationship. My life is really not stable right now and I'm not sure if I have space in my head for that.

2. Maybe I should be more forgiving if someone steps to me in a stupid way. I just don't understand why men can't just say "Hello. I think you're beautiful. Can I have your number?"

3. I shouldn't complain and I should be used to it but seriously, I'm stared at constantly. Between my hair cut and my make-up (and err- other assets) people are always looking at me and how many times can you be nice and cool when you really just want to be like...get the eff out of my face, ho! I learned a long time ago...If I weren't a certain way with men, they will say crazy things to you. They will cross the line and you really just have to cut it short before it gets to a level where it shouldn't go.

Case and point: same friends were saying I was being harsh to dude and I was nice. What did he do? He violated my personal space and tried to pick me up (literally.)

I know what I want in a man...I know what allowances I will make if a man doesn't quite possess what I want. I know when a situation isn't for me. So, why waste anyone's time??
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Emanuel said...


Trish said...

I agree. You don't have to settle for foolishness. I have learned the same thing with not just men but people in general if you stand for nothing, you'll fall for anything.

Young woman on a journey said...

i agree. just cause you want a man doesn't mean you have to settle for any man. its not worth it!

neemie said...

you weren't being harsh. that idiot was being disrespectful.

a lot of men have no clue how obnoxious they can be.

Kofi Conde said...

Just the fact that you would give the anonymous comment thought, shows that you are an objective and reflective woman...who knows what she is looking for and has set appropriate standards for herself.

...Aint nothing wrong with that.

Bottom line: I wouldn't trip off of what some faceless stranger are starring in this show.