Monday, October 5, 2009

Friday, Oct 2nd

I woke up feeling good. I was excited about the freebies I got. I was getting ready to go get some money! Lol. I had a runway show to do.

I ran my errands. TD Bank has been acting crazy messing up people's available balances and things...not cool.

I was on line for 45 minutes to cash my payroll check. Blah blah blah. Ran errands.

At 1:30, I get a text from Gi. My whole department was shut down. I've been laid off and I found out from a friend. I called the office. No one was available to give me any info. I had to put it out my mind.

Got my kit together. Made it on time for my call time for the show. It was 3pm. The show was supposed to start at 7:30. They were building the runway....hunh?

Red flag #1 that this was gonna be some bull..

The person who hired me wasn't there at 4. We went to pick her up. (We meaning me and the other make-up artist)

Red flag # 2.

At 6pm, no one could find the director (the person who put the stuff together.

We started the make-up.

At 7:30, the DJ still wasn't there. I got into it with one of the designers. He's one of those gay men who try to be more than who they are..he's tall and skinny. Dark dark dark...with bad skin. He was only picking the white and extremely light skinned models even though half of then couldn't walk as great as the other models.
Let's just say..I didn't raise my voice but I was really snippy and I slammed the door behind him so hard that the room shook.

You ever feel like a cat about to all the hair on the back of your neck is raised and you're really abt to hurt someone? Umm yea...

At 9:30, the DJ finally came!!!

Umm, yea.

By then, I'd done 30 faces. I was tired. The other make-up artist did the base make-up (concealer and foundation) and I did the creative stuff.

My supervisor finally called me. He said he was hoping he was the first to tell me. They dissolved the department at 12pm. It was 9:45pm. Ooookay!!

I packed up my stuff and was watching the show.
The show started at 10. They only had the place until 11.

Ummmmmmm......the show was a MESS! There was one designer who was from Jersey. He was a tshirt designer and the shirts were oookay. BUT he had all these girls in boy shorts and heels with T-shirts and he kept saying "High Fashion Couture..." I was like...are you serious?

My head hurts thinking about it.

There were about 5 designers who each had 40 pieces to show. It was a huge show!

The people allowed them 45 more minutes.

At 11, Papoose the rapper was supposed to perform. As the girls are modeling...he and his 30 goons walk through the runway almost bumping into the girls. :-O

The DJ goes "Hurry this up cuz Papoose is about to spit on the mic."


They stop the show...Papoose raps. One designer goes...eff that eff that! She and her 30 models storm the runway at the same time. She's shouting..."I'm showing my designs. Newark stand up!"

*insert mouth dropping*

I feel like the energy is a bit crazy and I go and get my stuff. I've only stayed this long because I want to get paid. They end the show in the middle of the commotion. It seems the director pulled a disappearing act. No one got paid. Not even the venue.

I take the bus home. At least I have good pictures, right? Umm, the make-up artist who did the base make-up made everyone lighter than their natural tone....I can't use the pictures and have that represent my work.

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Young woman on a journey said...

omg....i am so sorry your friday went like that. that is NOT what's up. I hope you find a way to get your money.

Monie said...

Wow, Feef. That is awful. I'm sitting over here pissed off for you. Ugh!