Wednesday, October 14, 2009


The weekend was great.

Saturday, I did another photo shoot for the magazine. It went well!

As we were eating, I got a call from a friend who said Lil Mama needed a make-up artist that night. He gave me her publicist's number. She also needed a hair artist so me and Diva ran to the job.

Thoughts from the night:

*She doesn't need heavy make-up. Her skin is okay, slight blemishes but they're easily covered.
*Her eyes were like yellow green...hauntingly beautiful.
*She didn't like anything I did. She ended up taking my stuff and painting herself like a drag queen.

I don't care because the money was green and I paid my light bill on Monday because it was due to be cut off on Tuesday.

Sunday, I had a day-long photo shoot with these ladies who had just turned 30 and 40 and wanted to feel sexy. Great shoot! Lots of fun!

All weekend, I stood on my feet a total of 25 hours.

Beat is not the word! It is great to say "I'm a working artist."
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Monie said...

Awesome!!!! You are doing it, girl! Proud of you!

Jaded said...

Girl you are officially a make-up artist to the celebs!! Put that on your business card!!! :-)