Sunday, March 10, 2013

Boys Boys Boys Pt 2

So, I'd met Clinton in junior high. I didn't know him well but we reconnected a few years ago because of course...I'm a makeup artist. He's a photographer.

Chad had stood me up on one of those jaunts where "he didn't have his phone" and I'd planned on going to a friend's birthday party. I said, fuck it. One monkey don't spoil no show...I went looking super sexy. There were weird people at the party and Clinton was my boyfriend for the night.

Fast forward to January.
One random night, I invited him over for tacos and Love Jones.

Random Fact: I've never watched the entire movie with a man that I was dating. I feel like once that happens, I will just marry the

Halfway through, I sat on Clinton's lap. We started kissing and it was a wrap.

The first time you sleep with someone usually sucks. It was good but then I'm so tight that the friction from the my tightness and the latex in the condom just didn't jibe and we had to stop.

It was about 2 weeks before I was set to leave.
I have had a crush on The Nigerian's friend for a long time. What was the last you heard The Nigerian pop up? Mmkay? Anyway, he knows I hate TN but we're still friends. Let's call him Matt. He had a pajama party for his housewarming. I'm thinking...oooh super sexy pajamas. I show up in a slinky sexy robe, lace slip, garters on and 4 inch black patent leather pumps. It's his cousins and they're in flannel pajamas.

*record scratch*

There was 1 girl who had the same idea and we huddled together in the corner and had intellectual conversation to prove we aren't sluts. As the night progressed, his male cousins came and it was time for me to GO.

I came back about a week later and we watched a movie, hung out and watched Silver Linings Playbook. There's a scene where Jenifer Lawrence slaps the shit out of Bradley Cooper.
I look at him with a glint of light in my eye. He instinctively scoots away from me. But, there's this tension. Suddenly, he asks me what type of woman am I adventurous am I? I tell him about the bathroom thing with Chad and I had sex in a restaurant before....and the tension builds and builds.

Out of nowhere, I was talking and he just grabs me and starts kissing me like his world is ending. Like...grabs my face and holds me so I can't move and  I feel all his strength and I was so taken aback. I'd never seen that side of him before.

After, the kiss, we just watch the movie like nothing happened.
His hand is on my knee. My hand is on his thigh and then I straddel him. He rocks me back and forth kissing me, holding me in this crazy embrace. He gets a phonecall. His roommate/cousin comes home.

His cousin/roomie goes into his room and keeps his door open. His room faces the living room. We stare at each other...the other not knowing what to do.
I say...are we going to finish what we started?

Matt grabs my hand and takes me into his room where we have glorious sexy time. Again, he's not packing a lot either but he knew what he was doing. He knows how to handle a woman.

Now that I think of it, every time a man asks me to watch a movie, my panties end up coming off...smh

It's late and I don't feel like going home even though it's only a few blocks away. I really should've gone home. His bed was the best thing about the night. It was big and he had fuzzy sheets. He kept music on all night. We didn't cuddle and he had to get up at like 5am.

I didn't get much sleep and it was my day off.
We talked after and we're still friends. After The Nigerian and the whole DK debacle, I vowed no more Africans. I wouldn't mind playing in the sack with him but anything else would be too much.

More boy tales...

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