Sunday, March 10, 2013

I'm Alive

*taps mic*
Hey guys, I'm still here...alive and well... And well...I've missed telling you old friends that lost touch. I want to catch you all up and it's going to take some time...

If anyone still reads this blog.
 I also want to get some new fresh blog meat happening.... If you have a blog, comment and I will add you to the roll and read everything you ever wrote.


I did go to London, Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam. I left Jan 31 and came back Feb 11th. Travel changed me in ways I didn't expect. It refocused me into what/who I want and it made me more badass. True story: Now, I don't take anyone's shit. I used to be mad passive. Now, I'm just, fuck you. When it's appropriate, of course. And since I'm fauxnonymous. Meaning, you guys know who I am but for the most part, I still write like an anonymous are the links to my European adventure from my other blog.

I will update as I get the chance

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Miss♥K said...

wow so im going back thru the posts Ive missed to try and get caught up- girl how cool is this trip to europe- wow awesome! guess I need to go back a bit more to see how this came about. why you went- and if you went alone etc etc :)