Thursday, March 28, 2013

the dream of being loved by you.

my mom lost her job yesterday.


all these questions have popped up. she's seeing this as her opportunity to move to charlotte and of course, she wants me to move down there with her.


i was supposed to hang out with aussie today. didn't work. his child's mother was supposed to pick up their daughter but she was a no show.


i hate dealing with men with children. i know, it sucks to say but it adds a whole 'nother level of shit you don't need. what can you do? she's here. she's not going anywhere....

he told me to "stick around this time."

i'm so spoiled when it comes to men or maybe i've just been alone too long. i want things to be my way. i want you when i want you. i want you when i call. i want things my way.
i don't know if i can stick it out with anyone....but i am hungry. starving for something i can't quite put my finger on.

love? attention?


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