Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Great great day

(Written on 1/16)

Thinking of a new approach to my blog...wondering if its not real
writing...I'm capable of some really nice writing but I've chosen to
keep it generic..hmmmm..I only know that 1 person for sure reads this'll see if any changes come up

I had a lot to think about this week. Life is expanding and growing and
all that good stuff. I'm brooooooooke.
Yes this sentence was hella random but hey!
I'm I have $6 in my pocket til friday broke and its
tuesday. I would say I've never been this broke before but the I
remember college days but that's different because I didn't have to pay
out of pocket directly for things like food and transport.
I gave BestGayFriend my last $$ but then felt like a sucka after because
it was pointed out to me that if I didn't have it, he would've gotten it
from someone else which is more than true...what's done is done. I
guess...but bills are weighing heavily on my mind. Cable is due. 3 phone
bills (don't even ask). 2 credit cards that are canceled but I'm paying
on so that I don't get hauled off to jail for non-payment (that doesn't
happen but my credit will be fuuuucked)....2 tons of drama
abounds....once again..feelin like a sucka. So far...God is good and I
have been eating...but I'm accustomed to having $$ just in case I want
to see a movie or buy a soda at work or hell I dunno actually tip the
food delivery guy...I can't take this blow to my self-esteem...who does
being broke hurt? you...on the inside.
Uggggh! Why oh why am I a good friend? A friend to someone who is in
Atlanta having fun. I don't have any children. Why am I taking care of
grown folks? I don't know...job is never done!
Double uggh!
What else is the bizness?hmmmm....
I dunno falling deeper for that possible? We had a wondeful
conversation. That was a beautiful surprise...a goodnight convo lead to
something more. Glad we still have that. I keep saying I fell for a
friend. Yay! I'm lucky yup yup...
Unrelated...I feel like eceryone is staring at my big drag hair I got
going on today which is a little unsettling but that's the life of the
ridiculously goodlooking..hahahaa...
Missing some folks I shouldn't be missing...but its all good. Life is
cyclical. If I stand still we'll meet up
Trying to live life...the best way I know how....*sigh*
Onward and upward....

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