Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Stress will kill you!

Sooo much shit has happened...Ok....on the 2nd of the year, BrotherFriend was arrested with his lover. Yes...BrotherFriend is gay. I didn't hear about it until the next day...where an entire week of going to court, dealing with bailbondsmen who are not nice people at all (double underline that), and trying to raise bail money ensued. It was horrible. I was so stressed out! At
night, aside from getting 3 or 4 hrs...I was grinding my teeth so bad that by the time I woke up..my head was killing me. This entire experience taught me to cut your grass everyday - the legendary statement made to Lil Kim...cut your grass so you know who your friends truly are.

After 7 nights and 6 days, they were released. Yay! co

But then my EnigmaJr was robbed and my grandma is now in the hospital.

I need a vacation!
Is God trying to challenge how strong I am mentally? Food for
At the end of the day...can you say you were the best person you could

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