Wednesday, January 3, 2007


funny what people will do to get ahead in life.
funny what people say to make sure that the backlash doesn't land on
them. maybe it's me. maybe my nature as a person doesn't congeal to what
others say and do. i was taught never to throw another person under the
proverbial bus. i see that everyday.

it's funny how people stay out of your face when they know they've done
you wrong.

it's funny how things become crystal clear when someone smacks you in
the face. through the hurt you see things differently.perceptions are
mangled and matted anyway...things take on a different shape.

it's funny how we allow circumstances to stifle your your

it's funny how bureaucracy works..

it's funny how good people aren't so good when it comes to money and
business. maybe they weren't really good to begin with.

it's funny how a closed door can make someone feel so powerful.

it's funny how we allow ourselves to be reduced to someone's bottom
line...someone's percentage - their number..

funny how we get comfortable in our unhappy existence.

funny how unhappiness is linked to wealth and success...

funny  how some funny things aren't funny at all.

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