Thursday, December 20, 2007

2007 is determined to go out in style!

I was yapping on the phone with Twin when the doorbell rang. The person
was almost frantic. I looked out the window and there were 6 firemen in
complete gear with axes in hand staring back at me.
"We got a call about a gas leak. Do you smell gas in your apartment?"


I wake up this morning and there is no heat and no hot water.


I'm at work. I get a text.

"Please call T-mobile regarding your last payment.


Right after that. My mom calls.
Another emergency and I can't get into your apartment. The gas people
need to get in your apartment and re-light your gas pilot. Hopefully,
they'll be there when you get home.
Your grandmother is in the hospital. She had a stoke.


How much more can happen!!!
Actually, I retract that question out of fear of the answer.
Every mountain has 2 peaks, right? Hopefully, I'm climbing uphill.


The Breaking Point said...

Wow ... here's hoping that you have a much better day tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I like what you've done here. I'll be back.

Nina said...

Thanks for coming by my lil mom and pop shop! I linked ur blog under the name Chicago Brother. Here's to seeing more of each other...hehe