Friday, December 14, 2007

So He Isn't Gay?! Christmas Wishes + Friends Who Love Me

Hello Blogosphere!
On Monday I met a dude who stopped me in the street to tell me I have
beautiful cheekbones. More than that, he kept referring to me as cute as
a button. Ugh! I know. I've never met a man who was so taken with me
that wasn't gay, so I assumed he was gay. I know. Horrible. But, that
still didn't keep me from flirting my ass off. We exchanged numbers and
no! He's not gay.
Highlights of the conversation include,
"I love it when I'm eating a woman's pussy and she's squirming in my
and other lovely tidbits that let me know he knows what he is doing.
Most definitely.

I haven't been touched by a man since Afroman left for upstate New York
in August.

I'm craving it.

I'm surprised I haven't raped a hobo.

But.....I'm still trying to bide my time and sleep with him when I know
more than his first name and I can come up with a clever moniker for

He's 33. Single. No kids. Works in the same industry as I do. Cute.
Short. And highly appreciative of me. He's different. He knows about
jazz and poetry. He seems real. He's what I've been looking for. Someone
who puts it on the table. You can pull up a chair or not. He knows how
to handle a woman. I feel like he's in control - like he's assertive but
not aggresive. I like that! *smile*

We'll see where this goes. Maybe past gentle flirting and one lucky
night, I'll be the girl squirming on his face and that's real.

BestFriend is back home and I'm feeling "some type of way." She spent a
month with no contact with anyone in Vegas but still doesn't have a plan
for her life. Wtf! I wish! I wish I could take a vacation from life and
come back not knowing which way is left and which way is right. Give me
a damn break. I want to shake the shit out of her and tell her to focus.

Afroman is coming home for Christmas. I'm excited. I missed his lips,
his skin, his smile, him holding me. I missed him. But...part of me
doesn't want to sleep with him because of the guy at the beginning of
the post. But, we've been talking about reconnecting, so, ummm....yea.

Work was hectic today. I was acting dispatcher and did a pretty fine job
at it. I was also told to watch out because management is on a warpath
to fire folks. I'm like "I wish a Negro does fix their mout to fire me"
I will go the hell off. I will have no common sense whatsoever and
wouldn't give a flying nothing. Mr. Phil got fired on Wednesday. He was
caught talking shit about management on a recorded phone call. He didn't

But they also fired 2 other people for taking money in exchange for

Damn..they couldn't wait 2 weeks. Christmas is staring you dead in the

There were accusations that Mr. Phil was saying shit about Gi in those
conversations he had. He denies it. We'll see. Everything that happens
in the dark comes to light eventually.