Sunday, December 23, 2007

Giving Back

I've had this feeling for a long time and I think it is absolutely necessary for me to give back to the community. Whether it is gay rights, women's rights, volunteering at my old high school or something.

What kind of work,I don't know...but it is imperative I start soon.

Perhaps a new year's resolution?

I don't want to get too involved and screw up a kid's life via the Boys and Girls Club.

Time to find a cause I can give my time to....

Any suggestions?


E said...

How about Habitat for Humanity? I meant to look into that myself, it seems interesting. A couple of my friends did it and had a good time. I was gonna say become a big sister but I see you don't wanna do that lol.

Nina said...

I don't think I would be a good person for that. I'm so....bipolar sometimes, in all honesty. (and) I don't want to add to someone's abandonment issues. I want to be helpful for like a day and then absolve myself of responsibility.