Wednesday, December 5, 2007

That's some big girl shit!

I'm a voluptuous mentality is that I'm beautiful and curvy and would look crazy as a skinny minny. I'm also hella athletic. I've played rugby, soccer, and ran track. Being big and athletic can go together. I know big girl behavior. Don't confuse big girl behavior with laziness. But then there is big girl laziness. Its laziness that's due in part of being self-conscious about you're body. LP did some lazy big girl shit. She also did some clueless blonde shit too.We ventured out to W 125th St's movie theatre. We saw 'Awake'. It was a great movie. It was coold as shit outside when we left. LP lives on the
east side of Manhattan, I live in Brooklyn, and Gina lives in the Bronx. LP had to catch a bus that would take her across town. I asked her which bus she could take. The M101. Ok. Which side of the street would you
need to be on? I don't know. Ok. Well. This bus goes toward Ft. George. here is that? Opposite of where I'm going. Ok. Your bus is across the street.

This is New York City. Its not hard to figure out where the hell you need to go. 125th St is new to me too. But! All you have to do is look at signs or ask someone. Don't play clueless on my fuckin time. I really don't have the patience for that.

As I said that, it was coming. The street was clear. I said we could catch it.
Oh no. The same way I don't run for trains, I definitely don't run for buses. But, LP, its cold. There are a lot of people boarding, we could catch it.
No. You guys don't have to wait with me.It was so freaking cold outside. It was not even funny. After a certain time, buses come every 30 minutes.

I asked Gi. She'd rather wait in the damn cold for a half-hour than be a big girl running across the street.

How dumb is that shit?

Terrible. Just terrible.

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