Sunday, December 30, 2007

Checkin In?

I was going to a party at a friend's house tonight and I had the urge to
call Photog and let him know what was going on with me. It was 1 am and
I wanted to call him and let him know I made it home safely. Actually, I
wanted to shoot the breeze. He likes to talk and I like to listen as
long as the conversation is interesting.

Hmmm is conversation breeding familiarity. Is familiarity breeding
clinginess. I'm not clingy. I'm kind of bipolar in my relationship
style. I like to show you I care and then I'll leave you the hell

Speaking to my friend about New Year's plans had me thinking that I want
to spend it in the house with Photog and my bed and champagne. Cuddled

Knowing how I am, I'm scared. I want to BE with someone but then I get
over it. I don't want to move fast but I don't think he'll be scared of
by it.

Someone said to me last week.
"You're young. You're impulsive."
With those words ringing in my think I'd feel a little

Yea, maybe I should take one step back and one step to the side.

Men! If you are in the NYC Metropolitan are some tips:

1. Don't try to fight me for a seat. I am 5ft tall with a babyface. I am
not very imposing. If you're 6ft 250lbs., you should feel like a douche
for racing me to a seat.

2. Don't stare at me like an ole hungry dog. Its creepy. *especially
after 7pm.* (shudders)

3. Yes, you with the pink balloon animal. You do look like a pedophile.

4. If you are white and you are on the train past Clinton-Washington on
the train, do not brig attention to yourself. Why does your conversation
get more and more animated the darker the neighborhood gets. Newsflash!
No one wants you here. Drawing attention to yourselfg doesn't help your
cause. Stfu!

5. Speaking of conversations, any and all held between the hours of 12
and 6am should be at a tone low enough where I can drown out your voice
without blowing my eardrums out. *shut the fuck up and yes I am grilling
you and your bucktooth girlfriend.* the later it gets the nastier the
look gets.

6. If you have a woman, do me a favor...keep your eyes on her. Please do
us all a favor.

7. Last but not least, cab driver. Thanks for appreciating my beauty but I don't want to BE with you and I don't want your number to
"call when I need a cab." Ick!

On second thought, double ick!

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