Sunday, December 23, 2007

Holly Jolly Christmas!

I had my RocGirl Christmas party with one girl down, I tried to invite BF but she's not game.

We had a platter of Chinese food (umm..yea) and had a nice candle-lit dinner. I gave them a tour of my apartment. We tried making pink panties ... and didn't come out so great. But the jello shots and my heavy pouring hand did us all in. (hehe)

Afroman was in the area, so he stopped on by with his cousin and his brother.

Fab times.

We drank, played Taboo, laughed. SO much fun. My cheeks hurt.

The tension between Afroman and me is so intense. We kissed. hugged. He offered me his jacket when it was cold. (shweet!)

I went to bed with no dishes in the sink and the house is clean.
Now, it feels lived in. I understand the purpose of house-warming(s). It feels like a home when friends have been here to share in the revelry.

Oh yea, GIFTS! I got a pajama set and flatware set from LP and 2 sets of glasses from Gi and some adorable martini glasses. LOVES IT! I love them.

I think I'm just going to avoid BF for a while. Send her some cash in the mail and call it a day. I don't have time to mend what I didn't break.

Happy Holidays (ya'll)!!!

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